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Our ever-changing, boundless world needs a new kind of young business professional. We need people who won’t just do business but will dare to re-imagine it. Who won’t let practices and customs limit their options. Who are creative as well as competent. Who care about people, the society, and the world. Who have a vision of the global but an understanding of the local. Who can work with teams as well as function independently.

At the SWU B-School, we shape young men and women managers who have these qualities.

Backed by PHINMA, one of the nation’s most respected business conglomerates whose ventures span both local and international markets, the B-School has developed a curriculum that allows graduates to become young and competent business professionals who can successfully navigate, lead and transform business in our continuously developing environment with their hybrid business management skills.

Science, Craft, and Art


An individual must be prepared with core business skills to survive the corporate world.

The B-School provides learners with business skills that will enable them to provide hands-on management support beginning at the entry level for any business unit they find themselves working in. Business strategy and planning, corporate branding and marketing, and business development are just some of the skills included in the program.


The success of a business largely depends on the capability of its people to think of and execute strategies well.


The B-School goes beyond teaching skills by training learners to execute businesses successfully. To prepare learners to execute businesses successfully, they are required to develop and manage their own business projects. Through these projects, learners hone the following skills - collaboration, communication, strategic thinking, decision-making – skills needed in rolling out projects in the real world and transitioning to higher management responsibilities.


Many businesses thrive for decades due to its ability to adapt, innovate and create.


The B-School hones learners’ abilities not just to run businesses but reimagine how they should be done. The program provides learners with an understanding of how people, societies and economies evolve in order for them to adapt. Its project management program also develops their abilities to create and innovate.


By providing learners creative and innovative abilities along with a vision of the global and an understanding of the local, they are prepared not just to operate and manage businesses, but to reshape its boundaries.


The school integrates its training in core business skills, innovation and creativity with ethical, social and business values. Learners are taught to do business with the good of people, society and the world in mind.

Program Design

B-School uses a non-traditional, experiential program focused on using multi-disciplinary case studies and project management to train learners to become future management professionals.


They are required to accomplish a minimum of eleven business projects (2 per sem – 1Y/2Y; 1 per sem – 3Y; 1 per sem or 1 for the entire year – 4Y) through their stay in the program.  Such a rigorous approach will ensure hands-on learning as well as develop collaboration and communication skills.


Individuals who are keen to revolutionize business and management in the corporate world are welcome to enroll in the program. B-School’s graduates are prepared not just to become managers, but business imagineers,preferred by top corporations to grow their businesses.


The school’s faculty is composed of successful practitioners, holding esteemed business and management positions in various industries and corporations:


Daniel T. Saracin is SWU PHINMA’s Dean for its Business Management program. He has 27 years of experience in corporate business, entrepreneurship, community service, and the academe. He held senior executive management positions in various corporations, from multinational start-ups to Top 1000 Philippine corporations. Throughout this period he demonstrated his business acumen in strategic management, financial savvy, marketing competitiveness, and cost-effective execution.

He also held a professorial position at the Milleret School of Business and Management for Women at Assumption College San Lorenzo in Makati in Metro Manila. He taught a wide array of subjects including Business Policy (Strategic Management), Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Human Behavior in Organizations, Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mr. Saracin earned his Masters in Business Administration from the Asian Institute of Management. He is also a Chemical Engineer by profession, earning his undergraduate degree from the Central Philippine University in Iloilo.



Urgello Street, Cebu City Philippines 6000

Tel. No.: +63 (32) 416 4680