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International Student Services

1 VISA Processing Assistance.png

1. VISA Processing Assistance

Upon enrollment, international students are given a starter kit which includes detailed instructions on how to process a student VISA. We will also have a staff member on hand to remind you about requirements and deadlines. Our dedicated team at the International Students Office is also available to attend to all your concerns and inquiries.

2 Filipino-style Onboarding.png

2. Filipino-style Onboarding

Together with other international students, you’ll get to attend a one-day orientation program where you’ll experience our culture firsthand and understand our history and society. This program includes a city tour where you’ll get to interact with locals and with each other, sample our delectable cuisine, and enjoy our homegrown games.

3. Student Residences.png

3. Student Residences

We have a variety of safe and comfortable student residences for you to choose from, according to your budget and needs. These residences are conveniently located right outside the campus, and accessible to places of worship and culturally-specific dining establishments.

4. Student Advising & Counselling.png

4. Student Advising & Counselling

Balancing your studies and maintaining your personal wellbeing is of utmost important to us. We have a team of guidance counselors and upper-class Psychology students to provide you advice on personal issues, a well as life coaching.

5. Peer-Assisted Study Sessions.png

5. Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a monthly session facilitated by the International Student Association where students discuss issues relating to their academic life in an informal and friendly environment with their peers.

6. Cebuano and English.png

6. Cebuano & English

To assimilate themselves better to the local culture, International students are required to take up Cebuano, the dialect spoken in Cebu, as a Foreign Language during their first year. Upper-class students also attend  monthly Bisaya101 sessions headed by the International Students Association and SWU Within Reach scholars. Students who find difficulty in communicating in English also have the option to be tutored by our BS Education students majoring in English.

7 Cebuano & English.png

7. Active Lifestyle Support

We have a lot of fun events and university amenities available to help you lead a healthy an active lifestyle. International students may take part in our University Intramurals in August, and the International Students Sportsfest in December.

We also have a fitness gym, a coliseum for indoor games, and a ballpark for outdoor team sports.

8 Scholarships & Discounts.png

8. Scholarships & Discounts

We offers a scholarship of 50% tuition fee discount to top 5 upper-class students with the highest overall GPA across programs.


Scholarship recipients automatically become facilitators of the PASS program to motivate their fellow international students to excel in their academics.