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online application

december 11-february 15, 2019



february 23, 2019



march 15, 2019


NOTE: Applicants outside Cebu - Exam Schedule and Examination through Marketing



The program is only offered to FILIPINO students who rank at the top 10 of their graduating class in terms of academic standing. For schools with a student population of 200 or less, the program will be offered to the top 5 of the graduating class.


The student must be interested in any of the courses offered below:

  • Accountancy

  • Information Technology

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Optometry

  • Medical Technology

  • Nursing

  • Rehabilitative Sciences

  • Pharmacy






The program will provide the following benefits:


  • 100% tuition fee discount for the normal duration of the program course

  • Modest monthly allowance (for 10 months of the school year plus 1.5 months for summer)

  • Financial support for board review and exam fees (where applicable)




Application Process


  • A total of 30 slots will be opened. But there will only be 10 slots open for each of the area cluster, namely.

    • Cebu City and Cebu Province

    • Visayas (except Cebu)

    • Mindanao

  • Interested students who belong to the top 10 of their graduating class must inform his/her principal and indicate which priority program he/she would like to take.

  • Names of interested students are endorsed by the School Principal to SWU PHINMA’s Marketing Department.

  • Entrance exams for interested students will be scheduled and conducted by SWU PHINMA’s Marketing Team.

  • Students who took the entrance exams will be ranked based on the results of the exams, their academic standing, and program opening.

  • Only the top 10 in each of the area cluster will be accepted.

  • If a student who passed the selection process backs out, the next best choice in that cluster and program will be considered.




Retention Conditions


The following are the major conditions for maintaining the benefits and privileges of the scholarship:

  • The scholar must have at least an average grade of 1.75 with no grade lower than 2.0 in all his/her subjects.

  • The scholar must enroll the regular semester load of not less than 15 units or as prescribed in the curriculum of the program taken.

  • The scholar may only transfer to another course only if that course is a priority course under the scholarship program, and approved by the Student Life Office.

  • The scholars are required to render 10 service hours a week in the assigned office to support administrative and operational work.

  • The scholar’s academic performance is assessed every semester.

  • The scholar must maintain proper ethical conduct within and outside the school campus. Any report of misdemeanor or violations of SWU PHINMA rules and regulations and the students’ code of conduct will be grounds for termination of the scholarship.

  • The scholar must complete all requirements prescribed in the respective program pursued.

  • An honorable dismissal will not be issued in cases of breach of contract; and the scholar repays the university all costs incurred.




Return of Service


Scholars are expected to provide service for two years after graduation or passing the board examination for board programs. Otherwise, they must pay for their scholarship. Return service may be with any PHINMA company, but this does not guarantee employment. If the PHINMA company cannot provide employment, or if it chooses not to employ a scholar, this frees the scholar from their return of service.



Urgello Street, Cebu City Philippines 6000

Tel. No.: +63 (32) 416 4680