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PHINMA Properties and SWU PHINMA officials with the barangay chiefs of Sambag 1 and 2 together with the community leaders during the turnover ceremony.

Southwestern University PHINMA (SWU PHINMA) is an institution on a mission to create an environment where their students can become the best that they can be. Helping the community where they are a part of flourish is integral in realizing this vision. The school is undergoing major improvements not only in academics, but also in infrastructure and quality of life by improving the community's well-being through institutionalized, collective and organized action responsive to education, economics, health, environment, safety, and security.

The school hopes to achieve this by the establishment of Southwestern Town, an integrated community master plan brought about by the collaboration of Sambag I, Sambag 2, and SWU PHINMA. The first phase of this plan was started last February 13 with the turning over of plans for a socialized housing project for the informal settlers of the Pailob community.

The community's active involvement is key in bringing about lasting change. A total of 80 to 108 families from the Sitio Pailob community have already signed up for the socialized housing offer. The project, a joint initia1ive of the residents of Pailob, Cebu, the PHINMA Group's housing arm PHINMA Properties, and SWU PHINMA is foreseen to be a benchmark in the socialized housing sector in Cebu.

The school also commits itself to community service, where its students and employees will engage in initiatives that seek to improve health education and livelihood of the surrounding communities. Southwestern University Medical Center (formerly Sacred Heart Hospital) will receive Non-Emergency Service Cases from the barangays and work closely with the barangay health clinics. 

Community revitalization is also a big part of their mission, with plans to physically revitalize the community in the works, with more sidewalks, more greens, and an even more eco-friendly environment which everyone deserves. 

SWU PHINMA hopes to complete the circle through community revitalization. The school will help facilitate community-led social and cultural events integrated into the activities of SWU PHINMA, as well as interventions that build good governance and community empowerment.  Working from the inside out, physical reshaping will also be done, such as improvements in drainage, electrical, sidewalks, greening, and roadways.

While the socialized housing project shows the PHINMA Group's dedication to its mission of making lives better for our countrymen, it is just the beginning. Ultimately, in helping build a vi­brant and dynamic community, SWU PHINMA hopes to create the space for its students to work at creating their best selves and in turn make a difference wherever their careers take them.