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Discover a different side to us.

Where we are not afraid to go outside the box.

Where we are fueled by the desire to understand.

A side to us that defies convention.

A side that can also be found in you - waiting to be set free.

A side that's passionate and still yearns to change the world.

Discover boundlessness. Discover possibilities.

Information Technology

We believe that technology, to have a reason to exist, should always have humanity at its center. SWU PHINMA believes in humanized technology.


Our VetMed program provides learners the skills, values, & compassion needed to succeed in the veterinary health practice by integrating practical medical knowledge and exposure with entrepreneurial and managerial skills training.


The Hospitality program uses a cultural and immersive approach in its curriculum. Through a culture-based curriculum, learners gain knowledge about various cultures and its peoples, as well as their unique beliefs and needs.


B-School uses a non-traditional, experiential program focused on using multi-disciplinary case studies and project management to train learners to become future management professionals. At SWU B-School, we shape young men and women to reimagine business.


SWU PHINMA’s Communication Program aims to develop practitioners who have a deep understanding for humanity and the ability to create communication solutions that address human needs.


Our Architecture Program aims to develop architects focused on creating intelligent and functional structures that respond to human needs, reflect personal identities and cultural values.

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